Grief and Loss

Loss is something which can be difficult and cause feelings of hopelessness.  Many individuals experience grief at some point in their lives, whether this be associated with the loss of a loved one, diagnosis of an illness, unexpected change, or many others.  You may have heard of the Five Stages of Grief.  While it provides a good road map for how we are “supposed” to be feeling, more often than not, it is a fluctuating cycle that can be confusing.  It is easy to fall into this cycle and feel as though there is no escape.  Grief takes many shapes and forms, and there is no “correct” way to experience these complex emotions.

At Given Guidance, we want to work together to create strategies to cope with your grief, as well as identify a path to acceptance.  Talk-therapy is an effective way to validate emotions and analyze alternative ways of thinking to promote healing.  Navigating through your grief with a trained therapist can provide you with tools to manage and process your experience.