What’s the difference between Selfish and Self-Care?

Is self-care selfish?

How can you know the difference between Selfish and Self-Care?

The mere fact that you’re thinking about this question says that you already care about other people and the effect your motives and actions can have on them.

The difference between selfishness and self-care is actually much simpler than it may seem.


Involves a ‘me-first’ attitude – getting as much as you can for yourself. Lack of concern about the effect on others.


Restoring your internal resources without depleting someone else’s. Your goal is the be the best person you can be for those around you.

Even when you know the simple difference between selfishness and self-care, it can be hard to take the extra step to actually practice self-care.

Many people feel guilty, that they are unworthy, or that they shouldn’t be taking time for themselves when others around them don’t or can’t.

If this describes you, step out of your own shoes for a second and think about a close friend. If your friend told you that they didn’t think they should practice self-care because they felt guilty or unworthy, what would you tell them? Likely you would tell them that they are absolutely worth it and that taking some time for self-care will help them to be an even better version of themself!

You are no different. Every individual is worthy of self-care. Even if you struggle to accept that, exercising self-care can help you have more mental, emotional, and even physical resources to be able to show up for those you care about.

If you’re struggling to exercise self-care, talking to a licensed therapist can make a huge difference in helping you adjust your thinking.

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