7 Self-Care Strategies For Parents And Caregivers

As parents and caregivers, you naturally give all of yourself to raising your child and taking care of them. However, having kids can rapidly take away from the time you need to take care of your own needs. Implementing self-care routines can be very beneficial to your health and well-being.

Although it may at first feel selfish to make intentional time to take care of yourself, you must fill your cup with love first to be able to fill the cup of your children and loved ones as well.

Types of Self Care

  1. Emotional Self-Care
    Honoring how you feel and using healthy coping skills to work through different emotions. Examples include stress management, forgiveness, self-compassion, and kindness
  2. Physical Self-Care
    Taking care of your body and your physical well-being. This includes moving your body with exercises like stretching, walking, and yoga. Taking care of your body also means resting, relaxing, and sleeping when you need it.
  3. Personal Self-Care
    Spending time on a hobby can create time to let your mind rest and connect with the things you enjoy doing. Personal self-care can also mean taking time to know yourself better and developing your own identity. This time also means honoring yourself and spending quality time to reconnect with who you truly are.
  4. Social Self-Care
    Spending quality time with your loved ones is a form of taking care of your well-being and nourishing your connections. Other examples include establishing healthy boundaries, communication, and being able to ask for help. Leaning on your loved ones as a support system and asking them for help is a form of releasing the pressures of trying to do everything all on your own.
  5. Spiritual Self-Care
    Take time to discover your morals, values, and what you believe in. This type of self-care includes spending time alone to reconnect with nature and creation. It also means spending time to meditate, journal, and allow yourself to rest in a sacred or safe space.
  6. Financial Self-Care
    Managing your finances can help relieve a load of stress, burdens, and anxiety. Time intentionally spent doing this can help take care of financial problems before they happen and keep track of budgeting or where money is being spent.
  7. Work Self-Care
    It is easy to get carried away by the stress that comes with work. Practicing self-care at work looks like implementing healthy boundaries. Allowing yourself to take breaks, and harmonizing time management for a healthy work-life balance.

It can be challenging to take the first steps to take care of yourself. Emotions such as guilt and shame typically arise when you take the leap of self-care as a parent or caregiver. It can be helpful to get support from a Licensed Therapist to encourage you on your journey to better take care of yourself and show up as your best self with your loved ones. The quality of time spent with your family is much more valuable than the quantity of time. The time spent is then much richer!

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