How You Can Establish Healthy Relational Boundaries

Creating healthy relational boundaries in all of your relationships has several advantages for your mental health and well-being.

Boundaries help you to identify and develop your own identity, along with esta   blishing what your needs are to feel loved, be loved, feel honored, and be respected. Healthy boundaries are connected with your self-awareness and protection of how much you can give of yourself to others. With established healthy boundaries, you become more peaceful, loving, and connected with yourself and others.

Communicating Your Relational Boundaries To Your Loved Ones

It is important to know what you need in a relationship to feel loved. Does that look like more hugs? Do you need more quality time to spend with your loved ones to feel valued? Do you need to hear that you are important to your loved ones? Do you love to be given gifts? Do you feel cared for when your loved one does things to take care of you?

You have a love language that is special to how you like to receive love and affection.

Respecting Yourself and Establishing Self-Care

Understanding your own needs and providing that for yourself or communicating that with your loved ones is a form of self-respect and self-care. It is not only up to your partner or loved ones to give you the love you need and deserve. Taking time to take care of yourself can build a sense of connection with who you are and with others. Practicing this can help you to become aware of the boundaries and limits that need to be created to both feel loved and show love.

Spend Designated Time With Your Loved Ones

Intentional time set aside to spend with loved ones and with yourself to practice self-care is a form of harmonizing boundaries. This way, you can practice the balanced reciprocity of giving and receiving love. These set boundaries help to protect time that is needed to take care of yourself too, showing up as your best with your loved ones.

Setting the Relational Boundaries 

  • Define the types of limitations you need to practice self-care and protect your well-being.
  • Communicate and be as transparent as possible with your needs for love and connection.
  • Simplify and avoid over-explaining the reasons for your boundaries or needs to establish respect from your loved ones.
  • Express why your boundaries are important and voice the consequences of not respecting your boundaries.

Establishing relational boundaries can be tricky. Especially if it is the first time in your life that you are attempting to create healthy boundaries for yourself with your loved ones. Boundaries change the forms of relationships. Although these changes are healthy and positive, implementing boundaries can cause ripples. It can be helpful to have the support of a Licensed Therapist to support you through these changes and guide you through the process.

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